Who's Who on the Narrian Continent

Below you'll find pictures of various characters you could meet throughout Narria.  Some people may look an awful lot alike, but never let appearances fool you.  More people will appear as time goes on.


Jononthan Halberd, King of Hessel
King Jonothan Halberd of Hessel

Siobahn Waverunner
Siobahn Waverunner, Master Alchemist

The Paxton Elk
The Paxton Town Elk

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Dorloc Sharples, Master of the Order of the Singers

Lord Garm
Lord Governor Garm of the Northern Provice of Rotharn

Imperial Knight Commander
Lord Jonathan Gregor, Knight paramount of North West Rotharn


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Broc, Warsmith of Rotharn

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Otis, Rock Troll of Paxton

Santagar, General of the Rotharnian Army



Judas, Captain of the Paxton Town Guard
Judas, Captain of the Paxton Town Guard
Baron of the Paxtonia Barony

Toby Trees, Town Forester
Toby Trees, Chief Forester
(Missing, presumed on TV)

Ellie, Mayor of Paxton
Ellie Kinnewick, Mayor of Paxton

Chansigril the Busy

Emil the Scholar
Emil Stefan, the famous Scholar

(Deceased Juggorahm Descending 10th, 503)



Kirus Voiochson

Darin Darkblade
Darin Darkblade
(Missing, Presumed Evil)

Sorinulous, Deputy Mayor of Paxton (Deceased)

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Nordoss of Tarkahnan

Lucas Ironclawe
Sir Lucas Horatio Ironclawe
Chief Justice of Paxton
Knight of the High Guard

Deraxious Pentathor
Sir Deraxious Pentathor, Knight of Rotharn 

Alec MacMullin
Khaavren Putnam

Alianna Delail
Alianna Delail

Adso Cresmeer
Adso Cresmeer

Ragnarok Rasputin
Ragnarok Rasputin

Innarin Gladedweller

Alak Eveningfall

Icefang, Priestess of Tarkahnnan

Tatyana Takazyn