When:  11/08/2002 through 11/10/2002
Where:  Blue Mountain Campground, Hamburg, PA
In-game Location:  Paxton, Rotharn
In-game Dates:  Month of Pymor, 11-10, 503
GM's:  Chad & Diane Moore
Cost of Registration:  $10.00 deposit (towards game cost)  Please read our important Registration Policy.

Adventurer Non-Member $65.00*
Adventurer Member $50.00
Cast Non-Member & Member $30.00
One game per lifetime is granted at the member pricing prior to membership.
Membership Fees: $40.00 annually
For Additional Information: Via the web at http://www.auralive.com
Via Email to cmoore@auralive.com By Phone at (610)792-3666
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Please be sure to print this page before submitting!

Send Reservations to:

AURA Gaming
465 E. Linfield Trappe Road
Royersford, PA  19468
(make checks payable to Diane Moore)